1. Biking around Hovda

The trip starts at the guest house. In Fluevågen, with a view straight out to the sea, we will make a campfire at the shore and cook a meal. You can be a true Viking and take a bath in the sea while waiting for the food, if you dare! After the meal, the trip continues past the farm Hakallegarden, a place that just has to be experienced. We can also make a stop at the beach Sandviksanden white as chalk at Hakallegarden, if we want to. The trip offers a plethora of magnificent experiences along the road, and we can stop at any time if something spectacular catches the eye.

55 kilometers long trip
at least 5 hours
starting point at the guest house
suitable both for families, as an exercise trip, or just to experience the landscape
potential for camping at the Sandviksanden beach
asphalted road

We offer bikes for rent. Read more here.